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New Enrolments and 5 year old Enrolments

Before Your Child Starts School
Pokuru School offer a transiston programme for four year olds, this programme is called 'Big Steps'.  The aim of this programme is to make the transistion to school easier for students and parents.  Generally this programme will be offered to you and your child in the term prior to their 5th Birthday.   

Children may start school on or soon after their 5th Birthday.

Before your child starts school, the New Entrant teacher will arrange for your child to visit school for:

  • Two Friday mornings to settle in.


Children starting school are required to complete an

  • Enrolment Form

and we need to sight your child’s

  • Birth Certificiate
  • Immunisation Certificate (if you have one)

Please have these records on hand with you when you enrol your child.

If your child is transferring from another school we will contact the child's previous school to request that their records be forwarded to us.  Please also provide your child's

  • Birth Certificiate
  • Immunisation Certificate (if you have one)






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