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2016 Stationery Requirements . . .

We have continued with stationery packs for 2016 however once again have not included some items in the packs as we felt that parents might already have these at home or wish to purchase them separately.  Our stationery lists detail items that are not included in the packs but will also be required for the 2016 school year.

How does this work?

Staff look at the needs they have for the coming year.  Each teacher/team formulate a class list of requirements.  As a whole staff we review these pulling out the items that are known carry overs (eg. a recorder can be used from one year to the next).  We then send these lists away to our service providers, who cost the items for us. 

Who is our 2016 service provider?

Guys Paper Plus in Te Awamutu came back to us with the best price for our packs. 

As Parents what do you now need to do?

Sometime before school starts visit Guys Paper Plus, ask for the stationery pack that pertains to your child's class at Pokuru School and you will receive the appropriate pack.

Do we want Feedback?

Absolutely! This is only the third year we have used this system for Pokuru School and we are aware it will not suit everyone, however we have been advised that this is a very economical way of purchasing the necessary stationery.  However if you have any ideas on ways to fine tune the process and improve it for the coming years do not hesitate to send me feedback, principal@pokuru.school.nz

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