Bus Timetables


We have 3 bus runs that service our school provided by Go Bus. We share this service with Te Awamutu College, Te Awamutu Intermediate and other Te Awamutu schools.
We take the view that behaviour on buses is a shared responsibility between the bus company, parents and the school. Misbehaviour that endangers other pupils is not acceptable. The school reserves the right to withhold permission to travel on buses in these cases.
Please ensure the school is contacted as early as possible, by way of a note, if there is a change to normal routine.  For safety reasons children will not be permitted to alter their travel arrangements unless the school has received notification by a note from the parents (or phone in emergencies).


First morning run             
Leaves school at 7.20am.  Travels to Kakepuku Road (South End) down Te Mawhai Road to John Austin’s driveway and back to school. Arrives at school at 7.50am.

​Second Morning Run
Leaves school at 7.50 am. Travels up Candy and Budden Roads, and into the College and Intermediate. Arrives at College at 8.15 am.
Travels back up Bank Street. Arrives at Puniu Dairy at 8.25 am (approx). Travels around Budden/Candy Roads and back to school. Arrives at school at 8.50am.
​First Afternoon Run
Leaves school at 2.55pm. From school it travels to town dropping off children on the way to the Puniu Road Stop and Fraser Street, Te Awamutu Primary and Kidszone stops, then to the College and back via Bank Street.​
Second Afternoon Run (same bus)
Leaves school at 3.45pm. This same bus as above travels around Kakepuku Road down Te Mawhai Road to John Austin’s driveway, up Budden Road, Alexander Road, Candy Road and back to school.


Morning Run
 Starts opposite Te Kawa Service Station (main South Highway) and travels through to the Pokuru end of Te Kawa West Crossroads. Arrives at approximately 7.50am.
Travels from Te Kawa West Crossroads to school. Arrives at approximately 8.00am.
Then travels on into town to the College and Intermediate.​
Afternoon Run
Travels from the Intermediate and College via Bank Street. Arrives at school at approximately 3.45pm.
Leaves school and travels to Te Kawa West Crossroads. Arrives at approximately 3.50pm. Then travels on to Te Kawa Service Station where the Run ends.  Arrives approximately 4.00pm.