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Starting School …

Before Your Child starts school

Pokuru School offers visits for parents and children before they start school.   The aim is to make the transition to school easier for students and parents. Generally, this programme will be offered to you and your child in the term prior to their 5th Birthday.

Children start school either at the beginning of the term or in week 5 of the term following their 5th birthday. Before your child starts school, the New Entrant teachers will arrange for your child to come to two school visits.


Children starting school are required to complete the following:

  • an Enrolment Form
  • Birth Certificate (we need to sight)
  • Immunisation Certificate (if you have one)

Please have these records on hand with you when you enrol your child.


If your child is transferring from another school please make an appointment with the Principal to discuss the transition.  Our aim is to make this process as easy as possible and support your tamariki.

Please also provide your child’s 

  • Birth Certificiate
  • Immunisation Certificate (if you have one)


Please also read the information on our School Zone & Entry page for details of in-zone and out-of-zone applications and timelines.

Enrolment Periods

There are four enrolment periods in 2023. These are the periods in which a parent wishes their child to start at our school. Each period has an application closing date as indicated below.


Enrolment Period Number

Enrolment Period (The period in which you wish your child to start at our school) 

Applications closing date 

Period 1

Cohort 1 entry date 30th January 2023

Cohort  2 entry date 6th March 2023

Tuesday 1st February 2023 


Thursday 6th April 2023

3pm, Friday

25th November 2022

Period 2

Cohort 1 entry date 24th April 2023

Cohort  2 entry date 29th May 2023

Monday 24th April 2023


Friday 30th June 2023

3 pm, Tuesday

7th February 2023

Period 3

Cohort 1 entry date 17th July 2023

Cohort  2 entry date 21st August 2023

Monday 17th  July 2023 


Friday 22nd    September 2023

3 pm, Thursday

13th April 2023

Period 4

Cohort 1 entry date 9th October 2023

Cohort  2 entry date 13th November 2023

Monday 9th October 2023


Wednesday 20th December 2023 (TBC)

3 pm, Monday

31st July 2023


Enrolment Applications

In Zone applications

Click here to download the In Zone application statement and questionnaire.


Out of Zone applications

Click here to download 2023 Out of Zone application pack.