Vision and Values


To prepare students to participate confidently in an ever changing society.


Celebrate: success, acknowledgement, effort, achievement, personal growth, community
Creativity: curiosity, innovation, imagination
Excellence: learning to learn, high expectations, perseverance, managing self, setting goals and reflecting, challenge and confidence
Integrity: being honest, reliable, responsible, accountable and a good role model
Respect: respecting oneself, each other, the environment, cultures


Honour the past, support the future.

This statement came out of the centennial. Why do we think this is so important to Pokuru School?

Our school has a long history and reflects traditional and community values. The school has a sense of culture and history. Students and ex-students have pride and respect for the school and the local environment. The focus is on supporting future citizens who have the skills and attitudes needed when they leave the school. Restoration and preservation are valued.

Key Competencies

Integrated into all areas are the 5 key competencies. in our visual representation above thinking is the main post because it dominates all aspects of learning and interacting. The other 4 competencies are supporting learning and include using language, symbols and texts (communication), managing selfrelating to others, and participating and contributing.


The following six key skills have been identified from the work done in classes and from parent meetings.
Communication – Inquiry Risk Taking
Problem Solving –  Literacy and Numeracy  Goal Setting